2nd movement - dance solo

"Katharine Sehnert can look back on a 40-year life on stage. Her piece 2nd movement is not only her latest piece, an emotional but ironic look back over her career. It is also a piece about the way in which memory functions...

What is memory, what is remembered? And where is one's identity in all this? That these complex questions do not become a self-referential theatre seminar is thanks to her extraordinarily strong stage presence and dramatic skill."

Basil Nikitakis, Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, 22-34 March 2003

concept choreography dance costume design
katharine sehnert

video production
jens greuner

glenn branca, terry fox, giacinto scelsi, david linton, jim burton

cordula paar, joachim liestmann

lighting design
christian decker


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